Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Thank You to all Dedicated Fathers

Thank You for Visiting Dedicated Fathers


Thank you for being a Dedicated Father. You may not hear that from your children until years from now, you will probably never hear it from society; however, you will hear it repeatedly from us - thank you for being a Dedicated father.

By you visiting this blog, you or someone close to you is probably involved in a divorce, child custody , or family court battle. First and foremost let me assure you: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We have assisted thousands of fathers just like you who were confused and intimidated by the adversarial family court process. By empowering parents with information, they have been able to gain the confidence they needed to successfully confront their divorce or child custody case.

Obviously, there is no magic formula, each divorce or child custody case is unique unto itself.
However, there is one fact that is true in every case:
You need power when confronting the adversarial family court system.

You Need Power
Information is Power
You Need Information

Information allows you to make better and more informed decisions for you and your restructuring family. Information helps you remain sane - especially within the insane world of family court. Information will give you the tools to be an example to your children during this traumatic time.

Here are just five (5) examples of the information the Dedicated Fathers Audio Series will give you:

1. It will teach you how to take charge of your relationship with your children, which is the best way to let them know how much they mean to you.

2. It will help you to become pro-actively involved with your divorce case, rather than reactive.

3. It will empower you to confront the procedures of family court, and the inherent biases against fathers.

4. It will provide you with what you need to put yourself in a better position to successfully navigate the adversarial family court system.

5. It will show you how to gain control over your life by learning how to case manage and organize your own divorce or child custody case, thereby making you an actively involved team member with your attorney.

Family court IS NOT about going out and hiring the best family law attorney you can afford, and then just hoping and praying they will advocate for your interests and concerns.

Family court IS about becoming an active team member with your attorney.

Your family court mission statement is the following:

“My mission is to ensure my interests are protected and my concerns addressed in a pro-active and powerful manner. To accomplish my mission, I must be in a constant state of being prepared. I will have to live with the actions I take now, for the rest of my life. Therefore, I must get organized and I must stay organized for the betterment of myself and children.”

Learn from all the fathers who have gone before you. For over 26 years we have been assisting parents going through the trauma of divorce and the family courts. Take our experience and use it. The information in the Dedicated Fathers Audio Book Series will help demystify the confusing and frustrating adversarial family court process. It will help you can gain the confidence you need to confront the processes, procedures and divorce issues with which you will be bombarded throughout your stay in the adversarial family court arena.

Armed with the power of the information in the audio series, you will have with the power-tools needed to successfully complete your mission. For the cost of only one (1) hour with a family law attorney, you will receive the education and information which could save you thousands of dollars. Your future will thank you for your insight of taking the steps today which will bring you a better tomorrow.

Again, Thank you for being a Dedicated Father.

I look forward to your joining our growing family of Dedicated fathers and like them, remember....


By: Marvin Chapman & Dedicated Fathers

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